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Pacific Conference on Energy, Climate Change and the Environment

San Francisco Peninsula, California

November 11, 2016 - November 13, 2016

Early-bird Deadline: Sun, September 11th, 2016
Submission Deadline: Tue, October 11th, 2016
Extended Submission Deadline: Sun, November 6th, 2016

While intentionally interdisciplinary, this conference likely is of most interest to those with interests in:

Energy Economics | The Geo-politics of Energy | The Shale Oil Revolution | Environmental Policies and Practices | Climate Change | Renewable Energy

Energy is a driving force that literally fuels our modern economies. Its location has determined social settlements and its extraction has impacted our environment. That impact once was thought to be local in nature, the result of its removal and transport to locations with demand. More recently evidence has accumulated to support claims that impacts once thought to be local actually are more global in nature, and less reversible than assumed. There is much debate surrounding this evidence, and we invite presenters to contribute to our understanding of emerging energy sources such as solar power, current energy-related issues such as fracking, the delicate interplay between energy and the environment, and the available evidence regarding global warming.

As with all events offered by The Sisu Advantage, this event is run in parallel with another conference. The intent is to break down traditional discipline silos and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. Registration to this event allows attendance to all sessions and events of both The Pacific Conference on Energy, Climate Change and the Environment and The Pacific Conference on Politics, Law and Public Policy, at no additional cost.

A California Connection:


There is much debate about the reality and/or magnitude of climate change, and much consternation over the political implications of energy dependency. By contrast, while there may be differing views on what to do about it, reasonable people everywhere can agree that environmental contamination is real and that there are metrics to calibrate its extent. A recent report by the American Lung Association documents that California dominates lists of the most polluted areas in the nation for smog and soot. Specifically, six of the top ten metropolitan areas for smog are in California, as are seven of the top ten for soot. This represents a substantial public health threat, and represent another significant potential benefit to adjusting energy policy to emphasize cleaner sources.

Frontier Workshops

Each conference weekend, a specialty workshop is offered that exposes attendees to open-source productivity tools that are freely available, such as "R Packages", that are specifically designed for teaching and research in the discipline(s) and topics that are the focus of that weekend.

The R Statistical Computing Environment is a free, downloadable software system for both basic and state-of-the-art data visualizations and analyses.

It is the leading programming language for newly introduced algorithms, and more than 7,000 “R Packages” are available for download to save you from needing to “reinvent the wheel” in your own work. We solicit requests from attending delegates and select one or two to present at each workshop. No prior experience with R or programming is expected.

Following are a sample of “R Packages” representative of those we cover:

  • Pre-K through K-12 Education // Language Learning
    → “shiny Package”: for building interactive web data visualizations
  • Community College and University Ed// Distance and Lifelong Learning
    → “knitr Package”: for presentation and publication of reproducible work
  • Social/Mass Media and Communication // Fine Arts and Humanities
    → “tm Package”: a comprehensive framework for text mining and web-mining
  • Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences // Economics and Social Sciences
    → “vegan Package”: for ordination methods like multidimensional scaling
  • Statistical Computing and Data Mining // The Science and Art of Business
    → “rattle Package”: A GUI for classical and tree models and data mining
  • Energy, Climate Change and the Environment // Technology and Public Policy
    → “EnvStats Package”: for environmental statistics and EPA guidance


San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport
1770 S Amphlett Blvd
San Mateo, CA 94402 United States
+ Google Map
(650) 653-6000
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