Think Sisu

Advancing cultural, social, and organizational solutions by identifying, quantifying and sharing insights, often based upon creative applications of technology and data analytics.


think {v.; English}:

To exercise the powers of judgment, conception, or inference: to reason


sisu {N.; Finnish}:

Relentless perseverence to transform barriers into opportunities

The Sisu Advantage

… is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization (ID:81-2415611). Our vision is a world that is increasingly data-informed, whether applied to personal choices, organizational strategy, or public policy. Our mission is to identify current social, cultural, organizational or public policy issues for which we have expertise, to develop data-informed insights regarding those issues, and to share those insights by hosting events, publishing our work, and advocating for reforms.

We view “data-informed” as a more fuzzy concept than “data-driven”; the latter often presumes the available data captures all that is important, whereas the former acknowledges that data selection and collection invariably involves stripping away context and consolidating “apples with oranges”. Data-informed also shifts attention from static to more dynamic, evolving view.

What is a “Sisu Advantage”?

“Sisu” is a term identified with a tenacity of purpose, a determination to persevere in overcoming whatever obstacles might otherwise jeopardize the realization of goals. While heredity and circumstance combine to present obstacles for each of us, sisu provides opportunities. We cannot control the circumstances into which we are born, but we can control and direct our sisu.

Our History

The core team at The Sisu Advantage worked together for several years in various capacities at The International Academic Forum, based in Japan, developing and hosting conferences in Asia, Europe and the U.S. for academicians and policymakers.. Following our experiences there, the Sisu Advantage was formed as a limited-liability corporation in 2015, but converted to a California-based non-profit educational organization in early 2016. During the ensuing three years we organized and hosted more than twenty conferences, each with a keynote speaker, select featured speakers, and (usually) an array of presentations that first passed academic peer review processes. The early portfolio of conferences somewhat mirrored a university, with an array of themes that reflected subjects of inquiry from all corners of ​campus, but with the expressed focus on interdisciplinary approaches that knocked down artificial unit boundaries.

Based on those experiences we have evolved to our current structure and focus. We now concentrate on a select few themes at any one time (see Centers), although still from interdisciplinary perspectives. We have expanded beyond conferences to workshops, books, and related products and services, and expanded beyond the earlier narrow focus on the academic marketplace to offer events of interest to the general public. Recently, we strategically relocated to the ​Washington D.C. area, near Dulles Airport.

Current Organization Structure

For 2019 The Sisu Advantage is organized into two interdisciplinary and overlapping units:

  • sisuCARES — Center for Abuse Research and Education Services
  • sisuANALYTICS — Data Science: Power Tools for Practical Applications

The Sisu Advantage abides by the ten principles articulated in the United Nations Global Compact.

* The Sisu Advantage (Think Sisu) is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit public-benefit corporation registered with the IRS.