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Denomination: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Does the organization have a clergy sexual abuse policy in place? If yes, where can this policy be found (provide URL, mailing address if a copy must be requested, etc.)?
The ELCA does have a policy for clergy sexual abuse but each one of our synods creates their own policy. One would need to contact the synod for a copy. Victims can contact the synod office where the abuse occurred. The synod bishop is the person with whom a victim can begin a report.

How/where can victims or members of the congregation find out about the policy and proper procedures for reporting abuse? Is there a specific person or office to contact?
Safeplace ( and Safehaven ( are our sites for finding information regarding abuse and how to report it.

Does your organization’s policy include the abuse of vulnerable adults, as well as children?
Each individual ELCA congregation is responsible for creating its safe church policy. Our website offers guidelines and we do provide in-services to help but the responsibility is with the leadership in our congregations.

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