The Sisu Advantage is a nonprofit, public-benefit organization,  for academics, by academics. During 2016 it is initiating interdisciplinary forums for intellectual enrichment through technical workshops, peer-reviewed conferences, proceedings and journals, and a dynamic and interactive website. These venues provide rich opportunities for both academicians and practitioners to learn, to network, and to influence the thinking of colleagues and policy-makers, near and far.


All our events and communications are designed to welcome content relevant to a particular discipline, but in such a way that the perceived but necessarily artificial boundaries of that discipline are stretched, expanded in interesting ways through unexpected or underutilized connections across disciplines. We welcome content that applies or extends theory. Big data is a current reality with profound implications likely to grow exponentially, for which reason we favor content supported by data-driven evidence.



Our events and communications are consistent, in several ways that serve important purposes. We are consistent in building and maintaining a portfolio of industry sectors (Education; Business; Social Sciences; Behavioral Sciences; …) that comprise our focus. While we recognize there often is intrinsic value in the deep and narrow focus of discipline-run conferences, we believe ideas are like data, in that sharing widely leads to new insights and connections. For this reason we are consistent in our encouragement to “connect the dots” across disciplines. We are consistent in our belief that impactful and sustainable improvements upon the human condition and global economy are the result of skillful blending of the three ingredients embedded in our choice of website name, ThinkSisu.Org):

  • THINKING: evidence-based, data-driven, insights & kaizen
  • SISU: stoic perseverance to overcome obstacles
  • ORGANIZATION: effective delivery mechanisms.

Invariably, two out of three is just not enough. We are consistent in our efforts to recognize, encourage and support all three facets, to create a better you, and over time a better world. We are consistent in our openness, welcoming anyone who wants to present or hear content of value. Consistent with that openness, we set aside session(s) exclusively for presentations by students. Finally, unlike the discipline-run conferences that relocate every year in an effort to enhance attendance via tourist attractions unrelated to the discipline, we are consistent in using the same venues, or alternatives in close proximity, conference after conference, year after year.



What is convenient for some must be inconvenient for others, so in what sense can we make a general claim of convenience? First, while our events are open to all, and we are delighted to welcome folks from afar, we consciously cater to the convenience of those in or near California, the 7th-largest economy in the world. Within California, we offer the convenience of organizing conferences for venues in both northern and southern California. We consciously select venues for the convenience of those that attend, near airports and offering complimentary shuttles to and from the hotel, and at hotels that are self-contained but within easy reach of other restaurants and attractions. Finally, for the convenience of those unable to attend in person, we offer the alternative of virtual presentations.