Should America Focus on Bringing Back Manufacturing Jobs?

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During the past two decades the United States has lost about 5 million manufacturing jobs. There is an understandable nostalgia for “the good old days”, as those represent jobs with decent pay and benefits for workers without a college degree. Today, the average factory worker earns more than $25 an hour before overtime; the typical retail worker makes less than … Read More

How to Explain the Business Climate Within and Among Pacific States?

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For our purposes, we define the “Pacific States” as California, its Contiguous States, and Washington. Data source: Which of these rankings surprise you? Why? What is missing from these rankings? Other thoughts? Rank of State BusCosts LaborSupply RegEnvir EconClimate GrowthProspects QualityOfLife 10 Washington 17 4 30 14 2 34 12 Oregon 8 14 36 15 4 26 23 Arizona … Read More