Does Prior Exposure to Subject Content in High School Help College Students?

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Students who took an introductory course on a subject matter in high school and then took an introductory course on the same subject in college demonstrate little to no significant advantage in their college grade, relative to students who took no such high school course. In this graph, the bar represents the gain in course GPA for students who had … Read More

The Globalization of Learning

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Formal schooling has increased dramatically around the world, as shown by this graph: Of course, “schooling” is not synonymous with “learning”, and the growth in “learning” has been and remains spatially asymmetric. It is estimated that, of the 650 million primary school-age children worldwide, 130 million (38%) have not learned age-appropriate basics, and fewer still have completed four years of … Read More

Why Do the Pacific States Lag in Early Childhood Education?

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The Education Week Research Center recently created a composite “Early Education Index”, and applied their measure to each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia. Source: A state’s overall index score is an unweighted average of eight indicators of early education. No states mandate preschool attendance, and most 3- and 4-year-olds are not enrolled. For 2015 the … Read More