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The Conference on Collaborative & Crowdsourced Education

October 18

Collaboration | Crowdsourcing | Online & Distance Education | Group Projects | Teamwork

We live in a changing world. As we move forward into the 21st-century, we need to make collaboration and effective teamwork an educational priority. Working together has always been seen as necessary, yet the internet has illuminated new potential for effective collaboration. Throughout history, The Library of Alexandria has been the legendary standard for the accumulation of human knowledge; except, today we carry around a library many times larger. Wikipedia, while not always absolutely perfect in accuracy, is an astounding feat of our species. With nearly 6 million pages in English and over 47 million in all, it serves as the largest, most robust encyclopedia ever attempted. This marvel of human knowledge is only possible through collaborative labor. This event will provide a platform for academics, practitioners and the interested to discuss these essential ideas for 21st-century citizenry.

Conference Chair: Bryce Platt

The submission system will open May 8th.




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