The Sisu Advantage is launching four genres of publications during 2016:


The Sisu Musings blog (web-log) is updated at least once a week to identify, highlight, discuss and perhaps offer an opinion on topic(s) of interest in the news. The current events and topics selected will relate to academic disciplines represented in Sisu conferences, and all readers are invited to comment or share their views on a topic, or to otherwise enhance the conversation.


The Sisu Snapshot newsletter is published monthly. It keeps our busy readers informed of new developments at our fledging organization, synthesizes highlights of recent workshops and conferences, offers some perspective on the hotter topics that were discussed in Sisu Musings during the past month, and provides reminders of approaching Sisu event deadlines.


Each of the twelve annual conferences generate intellectual capital that should be shared as widely as possible. Accordingly, the twelve annual Sisu Proceedings collect and publish all invited or peer-reviewed presentations at a conference that have been converted to a coherent written document and submitted to us within 30 days of the close of that respective conference.


Three Journals, each peer-reviewed and published annually. Every paper submitted to its respective proceedings also provides the author(s) the option to be further reviewed for publication in one of the following three journals:
The Pacific Journal on Education Policies and Practices

  • Pre-K to Grade-12 Education
  • Community College and University Education
  • Communication and Languages
  • Distance and Lifelong Learning

The Pacific Journal on Applied Liberal Arts

  • Social Media, Mass Media, and Global Communication
  • Technology in the Fine Arts and the Humanities
  • Evidence-based Advances in Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences
  • Temporal and Spatial Studies in Economics and the Social Sciences

The Pacific Journal on Applied Data Analytics

  • Open-Data, Big Data and Data Mining
  • Collaboration and Technology for Business and Public Policy
  • Technology, Energy, Climate Change and the Environment
  • Applications of Modeling and Statistical Computing