Data. It’s everywhere. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Some investors analyze data for financial gain through the​ ​ stock market or fantasy sports plays, while others get played. Some households analyze data to forecast local real estate markets trends and buy or sell accordingly, while others simply hope for the best. Many environmentalists analyze data to identify and measure the extent of global warming, while others go by yesterday’s temperature.

There is data for each of these topics, and virtually any other. Our goal is to help you use data to better pursue whatever your goals: to make better decisions, gain a ​greater understanding of a topic, or perhaps protect yourself from “fake news”. We take a hands-on approach to analytics, based on freely-available open-source software, and offer an array of events and products from beginner level to select highly specialized topics. While the tools are drawn from data science, the applications include personal finance, business strategy, social issue, ​ and public policies.

Our preferred analytic platform transitions from generic spreadsheets to the ‘R’ software ecosystem.

Workshops gently introduce these platforms while developing and applying data science tools.