At The Sisu Advantage, our vision is a world that is increasingly data-informed, whether applied to personal choices, organizational strategy, or public policy. Our mission is to identify current social, cultural, organizational or public policy issues for which we have the expertise, to develop data-informed insights regarding those issues, and to share those insights by hosting events, publishing our work, and advocating for reforms.

The sisuANALYTICS unit focuses on developing, synthesizing, and disseminating data-informed insights, in addition to supporting select initiatives within sisuCARES and sisuCLASS. There currently are four connected initiatives central to sisuANALYTICS, with events scheduled for each:


Tools and strategies for maintaining and boosting your financial health.

Next Workshop

  • Financial Thinking for Bright Women — Fri-Sat, 11/01-02/19

A focus on advanced analytics in sports, for entertainment or profit.

Next Workshops

  • Sports Analytics Overview — Friday, 10/18/19
  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) — Friday, 11/15/19

Applications of ‘R’ and its many packages (

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A catch-all focus on scraping, exploring and visualizing interesting data.

Collaborative Blog

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