Help Us Help Others

The Sisu Advantage is in the business of making a difference, not making money.

We strive to make a difference at the macro-level by producing and sharing original research, developing and sharing relevant databases, partnering with organizations that embrace our goals, and challenging organizations that don’t or conventions that seemingly won’t. We strive to make a difference at a micro-level, by hosting conferences and workshops, sharing personal experiences and insights, and actively engaging in online communities.

We price services to cover our direct costs, but we cannot remain a sustainable and growing influence on local, national and global stages without help – your help. The people most in need of our direct involvement are those suffering the most. They are primarily the women who are struggling in the hands of their abuser now, just coming to terms with what happened to them years earlier, and a few of us who are finally positioned to stand beside our sisters. The scale of this problem seems shocking, and we are out to share these realities through both quantitative and qualitative data. We also have set our goal no lower than offering our assistance to elevate societal standards of equality across a broad spectrum by cooperating with other worthy international organizations to create concrete solutions for making our world a safe place for all people to thrive.

Our key employees left successful careers to give our time to this initiative. If you share our values, our interests, and our objectives, but cannot afford to spend time in our pursuit, please consider supporting us financially to undertake these causes on your behalf.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service recognizes The Sisu Advantage as a “public charity educational organization”. As such, we qualify to “receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2016, or 2522” of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please consider helping us to help others.